The National Pork Board And Mexican Star Angelica Vale Ignite The Summer Grilling Season With New ¡Prende el Sabor! Campaign For Latinos

cuban-style-pork-burgers-15-HRIntroducing a series of talking grill videos voiced by actress and comedian Angelica Vale to encourage Latinos to turn up the flavor with pork
With so many grill-worthy summer days around the corner, the National Pork Board (NPB) is encouraging Hispanics as part of its new campaign ¡Prende el Sabor! to turn up the flavor on the grill this summer via a series of video vignettes, which will highlight why pork is the undisputed star at every barbecue in America.

pulled-pork-salad-with-grilled-vegetables-18-HRThe video series, featuring a fun and spirited grill named “Gloria” the neighbor grill, (@PrendeElSabor) will appear on (@PorkTeInspira) social media channels and website throughout the summer grilling season.

Voiced by renowned Mexican actress, comedian and singer Angelica Vale, “Gloria” is the next-door neighbor and pork expert who’s always in charge and takes every opportunity to show off her grilling and unmatched hostess skills.

“When the National Pork Board invited me to be the voice of ‘Gloria,’ a sassy grill and self-proclaimed master of the perfect pork BBQ, I could not resist,” said Vale, a grilling enthusiast. “I would say ‘Gloria’ is my alter ego. Like her, I am always looking for a reason to show off my grilling skills, tips and tricks to add more flavor without adding extra calories to everyday meals.”

Throughout the summer, “Gloria” will introduce her neighbor, appropriately named “The Grill,” voiced by actor and comedian David Koechner (@GrillForIt), who will also be traveling this summer from coast to coast encouraging people to give their grills a thrill with pork.

“As part of this new integrated campaign, we want to engage with Latinos this summer in a fun way and with something that is so embedded and relevant in our culture – and that’s pork,” said Jose de Jesus, NPB’s director of multicultural marketing. “In fact, between the onset of grilling season and the Fourth of July, more than 382 million pounds of pork are sold. There is no doubt pork is the key for a successful grilling experience.”

NPB is also partnering with five digital influencers in key Latino markets such as Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, New York and Orlando and will share their take on the perfect barbecue starring tender, juicy and flavorful pork.

Consumers are encouraged to visit a new and interactive page – – designed to provide grilling enthusiasts with a three-step party-planning experience, featuring music playlists and even themed BBQ evites that are easy to share on social media.


“Gloria” turns up the flavor on the grill with delicious and easy-to-cook pork recipes that are fun to cook and taste amazing. Get inspired at PorkTeInspira/recetas.

—  Cuban-Style Pork Burgers – A departure from the typical burger, this
version includes ground pork and chorizo, creamy Thousand Island
dressing and shoestring potatoes. Your grill (and your taste buds) will
thank you.
—  Grilled Pork Burritos with Salsa Verde – These burritos have bold, smoky
flavor in every bite. Boneless New York pork chops are grilled to
perfection, then cut into bite-sized pieces and wrapped up in a lightly
toasted tortilla along with refried beans, rice, cheese, cilantro and
homemade salsa.
—  Stuffed Pork Tenderloin with Chimichurri – Introduce your grill to this
crowd-pleasing Argentine recipe for a backyard gathering that’s sure to
impress. Pork tenderloin is stuffed with sautéed garlic, spinach, bell
peppers, cheese and breadcrumbs, grilled and then served with a hot and
tangy chimichurri sauce.
—  Pulled Pork Salad with Grilled Vegetables – A lighter recipe filled with
classic grilling season flavors, this salad features grilled pork
shoulder and vegetables, crushed honey-roasted peanuts and DIY honey
mustard dressing.
For tips, videos and more recipes, plus a chance to plan a memorable grilling adventure or everyday meal, visit

To join the conversation, like our Facebook page at, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest @PorkTeInspira using the hashtag #PrendeElSabor. Chat with “Gloria” (@PrendeElSabor) social channels as she shares with followers her burning passion for hosting and grilling with pork. For video recipes, visit our website or YouTube channel.

SOURCE  The National Pork Board


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